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Monastery Hradiště nad Jizerou

This village founded in the 12th century is located at the outskirts of Český ráj/Bohemian paradise. Historical sources mention this village mainly in connection with one of the first Cistercian monasteries in our lands, which was built here in 1144. Already in the times of Hallstatt there used to be a fortress (hence the name of this village and the monastery: fortress=hradiště). The current name Klášter Hradiště nad Jizerou is not so old though. It dates back to the 20th century.

The monumental contstruction of this huge complex of early Gothic buildings came to its peak between 1250-1260. Unfortunately, the fate of the most impressive monastic construction in our lands was tragic. It was conquered by Orebiti during the Hussite wars, then it was rebuilt several times, then in the 16th century a Renaissance chateau was built on its ruins, later on this chateau became the residence of Wallenstein and in 1852 the Wallenstein family rebuilt it to a brewery. That was not the end of the reconstructions and changes. These continued until 1921 until when the important monastery remains were destroyed and what is preserved of this huge temple until today is only the nothern entrance (which is a classic example of early Gothic style and an evidence of beautiful decorations) and the monastery crypt.

If your are interested in visiting the crypt, contact the municipal office where you can borrow the keys.

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